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limevision's Journal

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b a s i c s;
Hiya! I hope you're proud of yourself, because you've come across limevision; the graphics journal of anime_girl193. If you look around here, you'll find some of my humble offerings, mostly made up of icons, but if you look close enough, there may be some other small goodies burried in there.

Please be sure to follow the rules of this community; if you do, then I'm sure we'll get along fine ^^ And of you feel so inclined, you're more than welcome to friend this community to stay on top of any updates. Thats all from me for now, so please have fun and enjoy!

r u l e s;
☆ - You MUST credit either anime_girl193 or limevision when using any graphics found at this community
☆ - Commenting is very appreciated, espiecially if taking any of my graphics. I always love to hear what you guys think ^^
☆ - No hotlinking please; it hurts my bandwidth and my feelings
☆ - No changing my graphics or claiming anything I've made as your own; doing so will result in imminent and agonizing pain
☆ - Textless icons are not bases unless stated as such

c r e d i t i n g;
Its not hard:

a f f i l i a t e s;
catastrophiel ; soulspring ; t_instone ; twistedcuteness

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